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anvil of love main Theme

I miss everyone I am losing my small mind this is a haiku

Top-human people that look like a tank

If we’re so well-matched, I know who to thank

Sprung in the pasture, sometime Pleistocene

(It’s called) Spring for the Machine

Homeless man by the 4 train Not feeling so strong

He stood up for himself at work He’s wondering what went wrong

Some of these personalities  They just want to talk to a fan

But it’s only romantics, That don’t stick to the plan

When facts don’t jibe with the anti-hero’s nostalgia, (When object reference is not linked to an instance of an object) the whole span

It’s only romantics, that don’t stick to the plan

To be an Anvil of Love,  in a world crushed by hate (I give thanks),  

It’s called Spring for the Machine, Spring for the Machine…

“The light shines brightest when people don’t block the sun.”